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W  A  T  E  R  C  O  L  O  R

Frank Spino

June 2019 – “Fresh Start,” “Citrus Twins” and “Sunlit Halves” will be exhibited at the Kunstzaal van Heijningen gallery in The Hague, Netherlands as part of the World Watercolor Masters Select Group Show.

May 2019 – “Fresh Start” will hang in the International Watercolor Society – Holland, World Watercolor Master Invitational Exhibition in Gouda, Netherlands.

April 2019 – “Orange Wedges on a Blue Plate” will be shown at the 2019 FabrianoInAcquarello Invitational in Fabriano, Italy.

February 2019 – “Transparent Lemon” won Second Place and the People’s Choice Award at the Brevard Watercolor Society “Splash 2019” show in Melbourne, FL.

January 2019 –  “Colorful Citrus” won a Merit Award at the 13thAnnual 100% Pure Florida Juried Exhibition at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in Melbourne, FL.

December 2018 – “Citrus Smile” was juried into the ‘National Watercolor Society: Southern California Inspirations, Past And Present” at the Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, CA.

November 2018 – “Red Grapes” was exhibited in the Watercolor International IV Invitational in Thessaloniki, Greece. 

October 2018 – “Morning Prayer, Athens” earned First Place in Watercolor at the A.E. Backus Museum “Best of Best” Show in Ft. Pierce, FL.

August 2018 – “Florida Reflections III & IV” were accepted into the St. Augustine Art Association’s 9thAnnual Nature and Wildlife Exhibition.

July 2018 – “Fanfare” was juried into the Florida Watercolor Society’s 47thAnnual Exhibition in Bradenton, Fl.

June 2018 – “Florida Reflections III” was selected for the Southern Watercolor Society’s 41stAnnual Juried Exhibition at ArtCenter Manatee in Bradenton, FL.

June 2018 – Frank was awarded Signature Status in the Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA) with the acceptance of “Sliced Citrus with Calamondin II” into their 2018 Annual Exhibition.

May 2018 – “Circles & Squares I, II, & III” and “Aqua & Orange I & II” were exhibited in the Sperlonga in Acquarello Invitational in Sperlonga, Italy.  Frank also gave a demonstration for the festival attendees.

May 2018 – “Red Grapes with B Mom’s Bowl” was juried into the IWS Canada/CSPWC “Symphony in Watercolor” 2018 Exhibition in Richmond Hill, Canada.

April 2018 – “Red Grapes” was exhibited in the Fabriano in Acquarello Invitational in Fabriano, Italy.  Frank was the USA East Coast Representative.

April 2018 – “Citrus Squared” received the Dong Kingman Award at the Annual American Watercolor Society’s 151stAnnual Juried Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club in New York City.  The painting was also selected for the traveling show.

April 2018 – “Circles & Squares I” was selected to be published in “Splash 20: Creative Compositions” by Northlight Books.

March 2018 – “Ydra Doors, Greece” was juried into the Watercolor U.S.A. 2018 Exhibition at the Springfield Art Museum in Springfield, MO.

February 2018 – “Morning Prayer, Athens” received the First Place award in the Brevard Watercolor Society’s 23rdAnnual Splash Exhibition in Melbourne, FL.


October 2017 – “Florida Reflections III” received the 1st Place Award Watercolor Category in the Best of the Best Show at A. E. Backus Museum and Gallery in Fort Pierce, FL.

September 2017 – “Morning Prayer, Athens” received the Art Society Award at the 46th Annual Exhibition of the Florida Watercolor Society in the Coral Springs Art Museum, Coral Springs, FL.

July 2017 – “Citrus Squared” was published in Splash 19: Illusion of Light by Northlight Books.

July 2017 – “What Now My Love” was published in the June issue of Watercolor Artist Magazine by F&W Media.

May 2017 – “Citrus Squared” received the Frank Nash Memorial Award at the Transparent Watercolor Society of America’s 41st Annual Exhibit in Kenosha, WI.

April 2017 – “Sliced Citrus with Calamondin II” received the Golden Color Award at the 40th Southern Watercolor Society Annual Juried Exhibition in Panama City, FL.


April, 2017 – "Citrus Smile" was included in the invitational FabrianoinAcquarello in Fabriano, Italy

February, 2017 – "Circles & Squares II" received the Steve and Colleen Aichle Award at the 8th Signature Watercolor Exhibition in Fallbrook, CA.

February, 2017 – "Florida Reflection III" received a Merit Award and "Citrus Squared" received the People Choice Award at the Brevard Watercolor Society Splash Exhibition.

February, 2016 – "What Now My Love" received the First Place Award at the Brevard Watercolor Society Splash Exhibition.


October, 2016 – “Sliced Citrus with Calamondin II” was included in the invitational Watercolor International III in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was selected for the advertising poster of the event.

August, 2016 – “Circles & Squares III” received the Exhibition Award at the 2016 Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors in Old Forge, NY.

July, 2016 – “Aqua & Orange II” was juried into the 1st  International Watercolor Society Canada in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

July, 2016 – “Aqua & Orange” was included in invitational Biennial International Prize Marche D’Acqua Exhibition in Fabriano, Italy.

May, 2016 – “Circles & Squares I” received the American Frame Award at the 46th Louisiana Watercolor Society Exhibition in New Orleans, LA.

May, 2016 – “Zhujiajiao, China – Water City” was juried into the 2016 Transparent Watercolor Society of America 40th American Exhibition in Kenosha, WI.

April, 2016 – “Circles & Squares II” was included in invitational Fabriano in Acquarello in Fabriano, Italy.

April, 2016 – My 7 page article from June 2013 Watercolor Artist Magazine was republished in a new magazine called Watercolor Essentials.

April, 2016 – “What Now My Love” to be published in Splash 18: Value | Light + Dark, published by Northlight Books.

December, 2015 – “Little Squeeze” was juried into the 1st NWS/China Small Image Exchange in Shenzhen, China and San Pedro, CA.

September, 2015 – “Citrus Squared” was juried into the Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial 2015 in Shenzhen, China and multiple other locations.

September, 2015 – “Circles & Squares I” won Second Place Award in the 10th Annual 100% Pure Florida exhibition at the Fifth Avenue Gallery in Melbourne, FL.

September, 2015 – “Zhujiajiao, China – Water City” won the Guy Beattie Award at the 44th Florida Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition.

July, 2015 – “Circles & Squares II” won Honorable Mention at the 36th Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Exhibition in Carlisle, PA.

February, 2015 – “Zhujiajiao, China – Water City” won the Second Place Award and “Radishes” won the People Choice Award at the Brevard Watercolor Society Splash Exhibition.

April, 2015 – “Orange Crush” included in International Watercolor Invitational in Fabriano, Italy.

November, 2014 – “Color Wheels” awarded Gold Coast Watercolor Society “Florida Award” at National Watercolor Annual Exhibition and was selected for the Traveling Show.

September, 2014 – “Sliced Citrus with Calamondin” and “Fresh Squeezed” published with a brief article in The Art of Watercolour magazine.

April, 2014 – “Color Wheels” and “Squeeze Me First!” published in Splash 16: Exploring Texture, published by Northlight Books.

April, 2014 – "Orange Crush" received the Cheap Joe's Art Supply Award at the 37th Annual Southern Watercolor Society Exhibition held in Kerrville, Texas.

March, 2014 – First solo show at Fifth Avenue Gallery in Melbourne, Florida.

April, 2013 – I have a feature article in the June 2013 issue of Watercolor Artist magazine.  My painting “Fresh Squeezed” has also been selected for the cover. The article is in the form of their popular Watercolor Essentials column and is titled Setting the Tone with Underpaintings, subtitled Keys to Luminous Color.  There are tips on how to keep colors fresh and ideas on how to see light.  I show how I use watercolor pads to keep ‘color notes’ and the colors I use to mix them. The article is seven pages and includes six of my watercolors.

March, 2013 - “Makin OJ” was selected for the cover of Splash 14 - The Best of Watercolor: Light and Color. The hardcover book, edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf, is published annually in July.  “Fresh Squeezed” and “Makin OJ” are also in the book

February, 2013 - "Squeeze Me First" was awarded First Place at the Brevard Watercolor Society's 18th Annual Splash of Watercolor Show in Melbourne, FL.

February, 2013 - “Citrus Smile” won the Bronze Award at the Southern Watercolor Society's 36th Annual Exhibition in Quincy, FL.

September, 2012  - "Cool Citrus" has been juried into the 2012 Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennial in Shanghai, China.

September, 2012  - “Squeeze Me First” was juried into the Florida Watercolor Society 41st Annual Exhibition and therefore I earned Florida Watercolor Society Signature status.

October, 2011  - "Fresh Squeezed” received the Stan Green and Beverly Green Memorial Purchase Award at the National Watercolor Society 91st Annual Exhibition. I also received National Watercolor Society Signature status.

September, 2011 - Florida Watercolor Society’s 40thAnniversary Exhibition
Jerry Summers Memorial Award for Makin’ OJ  

March, 2011 - "Fresh Squeezed” is published in the Orlando Magazine 

September, 2010 - 100% Pure Florida, 5thAvenue Gallery, Melbourne, FL
John & Darcia Francey Award for “Sliced Citrus with Calamondin”.